Bottom Line Studios - New Actor Application

Submit your completed application to:

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Height and Weight:
4. Current country of residence:

5. What language(s) can you speak?

6. What is your availability for filming? (i.e. – only weekends, holidays, etc)

7. Do you have any prior experience in:
-Adult Entertainment? Acting? Modeling? Videography?

8. Are you applying to act in the role of a spankee, spanker or switch?

9. Do you have any prior experiences with spanking and corporal punishment?
Be specific. Context? Spankee? Spanker? Tools? Positions? Severity?

10. Do you have any favorite aspects of corporal punishment and spanking?

11. Is there anything you have not done yet, but would want to try?

12. Is there anything you dislike or would not want to do?

13. Which BLS actor(s) would you most like to work with? Why?
( )

14. Were you referred to us by another BLS actor? If so, whom?

15. Finally, please attach several recent photos of yourself when submitting this application.
(Applications without photos will not be reviewed.)


Information and photos provided are used for review by employees of Hayate Entertainment Stitching only and are not shared with any third party.