BLS North, BLS Oregon and BLS Cebu are three defunct sub-studios of BLS. The videos of these sub-studios were primarily produced by independent partner producers of ours. While these sub-studios no longer produce new content, their archives remain available to BLS subscribers.

BLS North

Featuring videos produced by Vincent Huang (also known as "Tianma"). These videos mix corporal punishment and BDSM along with Chinese cultural themes sprinkled in.

BLS North's last release was in January 2021.

BLS Oregon

BLS Oregon was a small American division of BLS focusing on amateur spanking with local college boys. It is not a affiliated with our current shootings in the U.S.

BLS Oregon's last release was in January 2020.

BLS Cebu

BLS Cebu featured primarily actors of Latin and Southeast Asian heritage and focused on quasi-judicial themes.

BLS Cebu's has been inactive since late 2018.