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Dorm Discipline 3
Chinese & English
Lam & Ng
School rules and discipline do not end simply because one is outside of the classroom. From chores to drinking to gaming, there is a list of prohibited conduct in the dormitory - as well as proper punishments to go along with them!

Spanker: Michael Chen Spankees: Jackson Ng & Peter Lam
Peter Lam and Jackson Ng are on duty to clean the dishes in the dormitory. When Michael Chen notes the pair have supposedly been in the kitchen for nearly an hour cleaning, he goes to investigate and finds the two monkeying around instead...

Spanker: Michael Chen Spankees: Jackson Ng & Peter Lam
Michael continues to beat Jackson and Peter until the dishes are fully clean. Afterwards, once Michael is out of earshot, Jackson and Peter have some bad words to say about their class monitor. Unfortunately, Michael actually wasn't out of earshot at all, and another, rather creative, round of punishment begins...

Spankers: Michael Chen & Tom Chan Spankees: Jackson Ng & Peter Lam
The boys are back from the holidays, though many would rather still be home playing video games. Peter is of this feeling, and sneaks his new console to play in the dormitory. Jackson is interested is joining in on the gaming (albeit with some caution), but the duo soon find out Michael Chen is lurking nearby and is no mood for games...

Spanker: Tom Chan Spankees: Jackson Ng, Michael Chen & Peter Lam
Ticked off by the lack of control in the dormitory, the class teacher orders Tom to cane monitor Michael. Tom then belts all three boys to finish off the evening's punishment and really send home the message of no games!

Spanker: Michael Chen Spankees: Jackson Ng & Peter Lam
Jackson and Peter celebrate the end of exam week by drinking some tea, inadvertently waking up Michael. Michael quickly discovers, however, the "tea" isn't tea at all, and punishes the two by cane and belt.

Featuring: Jackson Ng, Michael Chen, Peter Lam & Tom Chan
The source of the booze is quickly discovered as Tom returns with some "soda", who is promptly caned. Later Michael decides to sample some of the contraband he has collected, but is caught by Jackson, Peter and Tom, who are very eager for some payback.

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